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100% fair game - the source of entropy is the participant of the game himself

In 16Bit game a unique system for determining the winning number is implemented, where the participants themselves are the source of random numbers.

By making bets, players affect the result of the game, thus determining the winnings.

The user can view the details and check the game result directly from the 16Bit application interface in just a couple of clicks.

The easiest authorization in the world (20-30 seconds)

Despite the fact that 16Bit is a decentralized blockchain application (dApp), it is possible to create a new account, start playing in demo mode and win in less than a minute.

Demo game is an exact copy of the real one but free of charge

Smart contract of demo games is one in one as a smart contract of real EOS games, it can be tested by anyone, anytime, because the demo smart contract is also public.

All chances to win in the demo are the same as in the real game.

Taste your luck in the realistic demo game, free and right now.

Free automatic EOS account creation

Your EOS account is created instantly, automatically and absolutely free of charge during the deposit process. Your EOS account is created instantly, automatically and absolutely free of charge during the deposit process.

To make you understand - creating an EOS account is not a very clear task, in addition, you will have to pay a few dollars to create an EOS wallet, spend time and effort on it, and then deal with EOS resources, which already sounds very difficult.

In our application your new EOS account is created automatically and absolutely free at the moment of account replenishment. All necessary resources for sending several transactions per day will be reserved automatically, it costs about 50 cents. Thus, by creating an EOS account in 16Bit application, the user saves a lot of time and effort, because everything is done automatically and immediately.

One-click EOS resource management

For advanced EOS users, 16Bit interface provides a one-click replenish system for all necessary resources. In this case, if you run out of resources, you will not need to go to another service to replenish them and spend time and effort on this. You can do it from 16Bit interface in just a few seconds and without distracting from the gameplay.

Built-in EOS wallet for money transfer anywhere from interface

Straight from 16Bit interface and in just a few seconds you can transfer your winnings in EOS from your wallet to any other. This feature is fully implemented only with us, which allowed us to solve a lot of impossible tasks for an ordinary user.

First, you need to download a cryptographic wallet that supports EOS, import your private keys there, create a transaction and confirm it. But, unfortunately, it won't work this way, because to make payments in the EOS network it's not enough to have a positive balance on your account, you also need resources... What? In short, it takes a lot of time and effort to understand all these details.

With us you don't need to understand anything, everything is done automatically, just specify the address where to send money, click on the button "send" and that's it, it's done!

Note: if you don't have enough resources to carry out a transaction, in our service this task is solved in just a few seconds, because we automatically reserve all the resources needed to achieve a value. Click on the button and you will get the result.

Fast replenishment of the account in many ways, including credit card.

In our application you can easily and quickly replenish your EOS account in any convenient way.

The minimum deposit is only 3 EOS, payment is made in a few minutes, we accept all crypt currencies, Neteller and credit cards.

Internal Referral Program

In 16Bit game any user can participate in the affiliate program and earn money.

Just click on one button, and with all bets from all invited players the partner will start receiving a commission of 1.5% lifelong, which is a good passive income available to everyone.

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